Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windows 7 and 8 Keyboard ShortCuts - You Need :)

Windows 8 theme some hate it some love it, but it becomes less painful with some time saving shortcuts.

One of the features is the snap feature that allows you to snap the active window to the left or right side of the screen, allowing you to view two windows side by side. You can get the same feature by dragging the window with the bar to left side, right side, or top and when your mouse hits the edge it will snap or maximize.

One problem is if you have multiple monitors, the shared border has no snap point whether left, right, top, or bottom so no luck? These keyboard shortcuts also fix that problem.

Without further ado here they are.....

These all affect the active window (whichever one has focus)

To snap it to the side of whatever screen it is on just press

           < Windows Key > + < Left Arrow >    Snaps it to the left side
           < Windows Key > + < Right Arrow >  Snaps it to the right side
           < Windows Key > + < Up Arrow >      Maximizes the Window
           < Windows Key > + < Down Arrow > Minimize or Restore

So say you have multiple monitors, some window opens off screen where you can't see, or you would like to move the active window to another monitor?

           < Windows Key > + < Shift > + < Left or Right Arrow >  Cycles through the monitors

Stay Tuned for additional Keyboard shortcuts!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Internet Explorer 8 Offline Install

For various reasons you might need a link to the offline installer for IE 8

Don't have Internet on PC concerned, Activation Issues, etc.....

32 Bit Versions......

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2008

Hope this Helps:)
Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are you backing up?

And no we don't mean when reversing your car:)

Talking about Backup for your critical Data, most people and places have some kind of information they create, access, archive, share, and generally can't easily recreate.

Most backup to a local External Drive or Thumb Drive, which is a good idea, and some take it one step further by removing a copy of the backup off-site. (Also a great idea)

But with the proliferation of Cloud Storage Providers there is a new, easier, reliable, and more secure way to backup you or your companies critical data.

Cloud Storage - A method of distributed storage model, where data is maintained and backed up remotely on a network of multiple servers many times distributed over geographically distance areas, with the data made securely available to users over the Internet.

With most vendors, you sign up for a certain amount of storage space for a monthly fee, then you install a small client on the computer/server to be backed up. Then set the software to backup the data either using a differential or full backup.  (Differential saves on transfer times because only what has changed gets copied to server, where as a full backup places a new copy of the backup on the server generally replacing the previous one.)  Most of the times a combination of the two is recommended, differential backups throughout the week, and a full backup once a week.

If something should happen to your computer/server natural disaster, building or structure destruction, you can easily install the client on a replacement computer/server and immediately access the backed up data, from basically anywhere that has Internet.

One provider is iBackup a competitively priced online back up solution.  Special right now you get up to 200gb  of space for around $20.00.  Great Deal, you can check them out here.....

View an online demo of the service...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

False Anti-Virus Software!

New round of Fake Anti-Virus Software seems to be popping up again!

Unless the message is coming from the software you know you have installed, it is probably not a good idea to click on any message that says, your computer is infected, click to clean now!

... and if it says continue unprotected or fix now, if possible click the red X in the corner not the buttons.

Most legitimate, Anti-Virus software will say their name in the notice of a virus, or known bad file has been blocked.

If you think you have something, hit up the forum @ http://www.thecomputernutz.com/support.html and check out the spyware tips, or create and account and ask a question;)

See you next time! B-Safe!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Help! My Computer/Laptop won't shut off or wake up!

You open the lid to your laptop and it justs sits there with LED on and nothing else? or you move your mouse and your Computer just sits there?
    Might be stuck in Hibernation or Sleep Mode. Press the sleep or key with the moon on it, press spacebar, or press the enter/return key.
Still doesn't come on? You can usually shut down your locked up laptop or Computer by pressing and holding your power switch till it shuts off.
Laptop still not turning off or resetting unplug the AC Power adaptor and turn laptop over and remove the battery for a few minutes, then replace and try again.
Computer? Just pull the plug from the wall.
See you  next time! Surf Safe!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Print Screen? The Under Used Tool!

Print Screen? What is it? What is it for?
Nifty little windows feature, so you want a screen shot of your computer screen?

When you have something up on your screen you would like to keep or share.
Just Hold < Shift > and Press < PrtScn > towards the top of your keyboard.

Doesn't look like it did anything :) Well it just put a copy of your screen on the Clipboard which you can access and use from almost any software.

To give you an example open the Paint program (Included in every version of windows) choose
Edit -----> Paste you will see your screen there edit, crop, etc.... then save. There is your image.
For more options when editing, use Publisher, Word, or Photoshop, and follow the same steps.

Stay Tuned for more tips!
See you Next Time!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Backups? I feed the computer tapes every morning so I am good! Right?

The worst time to find out your backup hasn't ran in several months is when you need it :(
Unfortunately that is usually when you find out if it does or does not work.
No matter what backup software you use, they will all generate a report after the job runs (which tells you if successful and any errors that occurred). 
(At the least you need to check these every time after backup runs, make it habit around when changing the tapes).
If possible it is even better every now and then to move a few important files to a temporary location, and restoring them from the backup. Once restored open them and see if they are intact.
The reason the log isn't always the best indication of success is if you remember back in the day, after you recorded shows over and over on a VCR Tape the quality kept getting worse, static, lines, etc....
It still recorded the show but these would be considered file errors if in a backup.
So this is just a heads up, if you can't be sure  your backups are working, have someone come out and test your backups. Data recovery can run into several thousand dollars to get your data back.
They have several online backup services now, just make sure the amount of data you need to backup is included in the plan you can afford, and remember you are trusting them to maintain your data for you.

See you next time!