Friday, March 11, 2011

So you think your safe? or They won't bother with me.

Your E-Mail account has been closed due to violation of terms of use or Excessive spam....

It's just E-Mail Right?

Fortunately most people do not get the chance to have their accounts compromised.
But for the few that do, it is a frightening, and sobering experience.
With a feeling of being violated, and the unknown of what the people are going to do with the information.

From sending out enough spam E-Mails as you to get your account closed.
Violating the terms of use, (which looks as if you did it, not them)

A simple E-Mail account..... Most people don't realize exactly how much information they have in their contact lists, or E-mails from their online bank accounts, kids schools, and other sensitive E-Mails.

So please ensure that your password is changed at least monthly but preferably more often.
And Password, your name, or address, are bad passwords, { Leave your pets out of it also;) }

Create a password that is at least 8 characters long, has at least 1 number, and 2 Capital letters.

Make it harder for them to hack you!

Take care and protect yourself and others.

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