Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Are you backing up?

And no we don't mean when reversing your car:)

Talking about Backup for your critical Data, most people and places have some kind of information they create, access, archive, share, and generally can't easily recreate.

Most backup to a local External Drive or Thumb Drive, which is a good idea, and some take it one step further by removing a copy of the backup off-site. (Also a great idea)

But with the proliferation of Cloud Storage Providers there is a new, easier, reliable, and more secure way to backup you or your companies critical data.

Cloud Storage - A method of distributed storage model, where data is maintained and backed up remotely on a network of multiple servers many times distributed over geographically distance areas, with the data made securely available to users over the Internet.

With most vendors, you sign up for a certain amount of storage space for a monthly fee, then you install a small client on the computer/server to be backed up. Then set the software to backup the data either using a differential or full backup.  (Differential saves on transfer times because only what has changed gets copied to server, where as a full backup places a new copy of the backup on the server generally replacing the previous one.)  Most of the times a combination of the two is recommended, differential backups throughout the week, and a full backup once a week.

If something should happen to your computer/server natural disaster, building or structure destruction, you can easily install the client on a replacement computer/server and immediately access the backed up data, from basically anywhere that has Internet.

One provider is iBackup a competitively priced online back up solution.  Special right now you get up to 200gb  of space for around $20.00.  Great Deal, you can check them out here.....

View an online demo of the service...

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