Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Windows 7 and 8 Keyboard ShortCuts - You Need :)

Windows 8 theme some hate it some love it, but it becomes less painful with some time saving shortcuts.

One of the features is the snap feature that allows you to snap the active window to the left or right side of the screen, allowing you to view two windows side by side. You can get the same feature by dragging the window with the bar to left side, right side, or top and when your mouse hits the edge it will snap or maximize.

One problem is if you have multiple monitors, the shared border has no snap point whether left, right, top, or bottom so no luck? These keyboard shortcuts also fix that problem.

Without further ado here they are.....

These all affect the active window (whichever one has focus)

To snap it to the side of whatever screen it is on just press

           < Windows Key > + < Left Arrow >    Snaps it to the left side
           < Windows Key > + < Right Arrow >  Snaps it to the right side
           < Windows Key > + < Up Arrow >      Maximizes the Window
           < Windows Key > + < Down Arrow > Minimize or Restore

So say you have multiple monitors, some window opens off screen where you can't see, or you would like to move the active window to another monitor?

           < Windows Key > + < Shift > + < Left or Right Arrow >  Cycles through the monitors

Stay Tuned for additional Keyboard shortcuts!

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